Brian Gabrush

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Brian Gabrush
Head Professional
Holiday Park G.C.

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Golf Operations and Management Diploma at Selkirk College in Nelson British Columbia (1994 - 1997).
Born in 1970 and raised in Saskatoon's Holiday Park community I was the youngest child of 6 siblings.

Growing up was exposed to several sports, fastball and hockey were the two that stood out the most. My golfing introduction was not untill 1984 where my first round was played at Holiday Park Golf Course.......I was intrigued now with a third sport!

Once my education in college started I had the opportunity to immerse myself further into a golf specific industry by joining Canadian Pacific Hotels & Resorts. The Chateau Whistler Golf Club was to be my first Resort Golf employment. It was more than I could have imagined and opened my eyes to a variety of options for my future within golf.

Prior to completion of college I had secured a position with the Toronto Board of Trade Country Club in Woodbridge, Ontario. Upon writing my final exams and graduating I relocated myself to Toronto. Thus starting another chapter in my professional development and personal life and a high end 45 - Hole Private Golf Club.

Favorite Golf Tip

"Start with balance, stay in balance, end in balance".

What's In The Bag

PING G400 10 Degree
PING G400 3 Wood
PING G400 3H & 4H
PING iBlades 4-P w/Steel Fiber Shafts
Ping Glide 52, 58
PING 50 Anniversary Anser